Helsingis toimub Cities for All konverents

Kus: Cities for All Helsinki, Neljapäev, 24. mai 2012 , Helsinki Music Centre, Sonore Hall.

Konverents toimub inglise keeles. 

Tasu: €80 (€60 õpilastele, pensionäridele ja EIDD ja TKO liikmetele)

Registration includes participation in the conference, conference materials and hand-outs, morning and afternoon coffee, the opening ceremony and a Design for All city tour.

Info ja registreerimine: www.finnishdesigners.fi/citiesforallhelsinki 

Cities for All Helsinki is an international conference whose aim is to bring together a diverse range of solutions illustrating how design has the tangible potential to cater for different people's needs and create a better city for all. The conference brings the European Union's focus on Active Ageing for the year to World Design Capital Helsinki 2012, the year's unique meeting place where professionals from different fields discuss and consider social problems by means of design and design thinking.

The conference will showcase current visions of how design solutions that accord equal dignity to the needs of different user groups can improve common wellbeing and welfare and create increased added value, not only in the public sector, but also for private-sector businesses. The Cities for All Helsinki conference agenda will feature a state-of-the-art professional seminar, together with an exhibition of international and Finnish Design for All, illustrating how practical solutions are arrived at. The conference targets designers working in all fields (from product, architecture and environment to communications, services and systems), and decision-makers in the public and private sectors.

Participants in the Cities for All Helsinki conference will gain invaluable experience in Design for All: unprecedented inspiration, visionary knowledge and enthusiastic innovation in the areas of accessibility, social cohesion and understanding.

The conference itself will be a pilot example of an accessibly implemented event designed to cater for people of all kinds.

The Exhibition

Visitors will be able to come to the Cities for All Helsinki exhibition to view a selection of top-quality international and Finnish work in all the areas of design and innovation, illustrating how the Design for All methodology has created added value. The international exhibition selection will be made by an EIDD jury.

A key role is played in this exhibition by the cross-fertilisation achieved by working in multidisciplinary groups, sharing knowledge between professions and specialities, valorising user experience and applying different kinds of innovative Design for All solutions.

The Cities for All Helsinki conference is being staged in co-operation between the European platform for DfA professionals and activists, EIDD – Design for All Europe, the Finnish Association of Industrial Designers TKO, the specialist in Design for All solutions Avaava/Karanttia Oy Perusturva, the visual identity design specialist Hahmo Design Ltd and The Finnish Federation of the Hard of Hearing.