Teenusedisaini töötuba "More & Faster!"

BDO esitleb: Jussi Hermuneni teenusedisaini seminar-töötuba "More and Faster!" 
13. septembril kell 9.00 Kultuurikatlas. 

Aeg: 13. september 9-15.30
Koht: Kultuurikatel, Põhja pst 27A
Hind: 125€, disainibüroode võrgustiku liikmetele 100€
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How to make sure you can design really beneficial services? What are the key mechanisms for creating & designing services so that they form reasonable service chains for end-users? How to use Lean UX -methods to speed up decision making and ensure feasiblity?

Focus is on public sector services, so business rationale is covered only shortly. The seminar focuses on how to create, scope and design services so that their benefits are clear before they move onto a drawing board of a committee meeting, let alone technical production.

Format is loose and conversational, with likely 1-2 joint brief workshop exercises being executed during the day.  

Time table:

9:00-11:00 Keynote
Basics of modern design work (design thinking, service design, business design, market values etc.)

12:00-15:30 Lean UX Focus workshop
How to apply Lean UX mechanisms onto design work

About Jussi Hermunen, Idean: 

Jussi specialises in service design, user experience and digital solutions. He has vast experience in strategic work, UI/UX design and concept design. With more than 15 years of experience working in digital industry, he has worked with global brands and all scales of projects, ranging from internal tools to wearable technology and sensors.

Acting as a Head of Studio, he currently heads Idean's European offices, overseeing both design and delivery of groundbreaking services and user experiences.

Täname Eesti Disainiauhinnad 2016 teenusedisaini suurtoetajat BDO Eestit ja seminari toetajat Kultuuriministeeriumi.

Jussi majutab Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria.