Circular design HOW TO? session 2

A series of quick talks about the personal experiences of designers and circular economy experts on HOW TO? design for circular economy.

When: September 24
Time: 16:00 - 17:30
Language: english
To Whom: designers and circular economy & sustainability experts, company representatives, product developers and others interested

About this Event

Circular design HOW TO? sessions is an open space for circular design professionals to discuss their work and experience.

We will avoid abstract concepts and discuss practical learnings from circular design projects - how did we design & approach a problem, what happened and what came of it.

Two speakers - one designer and one circular economy expert - 20 min each + 30 min for online drinks and open discussion.


The Circular Economy Expert/Designer: Ida Urmas, Circular Designer at Ethica Ltd.

The project: Lidl’s Cradle to Cradle Pilot Project for Textiles

Ida will be discussing her role as a Circular Designer in Lidl’s Cradle to Cradle Pilot Project for Textiles. The project consisted of 16 running certification collections including products such as pyjamas, casual wear, house shoes and bedwear. She was using Cradle to Cradle as a framework for product development and researching circular materials, processes and partnerships to produce clean and safe garments for the biosphere and for the mass market. New innovation was also developed during the project: World’s first biodegredable printing paste in C2C gold level.

The Designer: Dan Mikkin, partner and service designer at BrandManual

The project: Circular strategy development for a large textile manufacturer (NDA)

Dan will talk about how they mapped the existing sustainable practices in a large textile manufacturing company in Estonia. Some sustainability responsibilities, intentions, and standards were already in place but a comprehensive and measured vision was to be developed. He used a circular model as a guide for the company and he will share with us what it took to get it established. The reality is not a full circle yet but the 360 goal is in everybody’s sight now.

The sessions are held in cooperation with the EcoDesign Circle project and its partners.