Circular design HOW TO? session

A series of quick talks about the personal experiences of designers and circular economy experts on HOW TO? design for circular economy.

Date And Time
Wed, August 26, 2020
4:00 PM – 5:30 PM
Speakers: Marilu Valente(GER) / Harri Moora (EST)
Participation fee: FREE
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About this Event

Circular design HOW TO? sessions is an open space for circular design professionals to discuss their work and experience.

We will avoid abstract concepts and discuss practical learnings from circular design projects - how did we design & approach a problem, what happened and what came of it.

TWO SPEAKERS - designer Marilu Valente(GER), co-founder of Cyclic Design and circular economy expert Harri Moora(EST), programme director in SEI-Tallinn - 20 min each + 30 min for online drinks and open discussion.

To Whom

Designers and circular economy & sustainability experts, company representatives, product developers and others interested.

The event is hosted by Markus Vihma and the Estonian Design Center. As it is a fully online event, please be prepared with a smooth Internet connection.


Marilu Valente’s project: Nepenthes bottle

"Inspired by nature where there is no waste, Nepenthes is a reusable bottle for products like shampoo or shower gels. Named after a unique tropical flower, its curvy design means its cap-less and hangable. It is made with bio-based plastic and can be easily recycled. Nepenthes opens at the base meaning it's easy to clean, refill and use. Eliminating the messy clutter of plastic bottles, Nepenthes lets you enjoy a zero-waste lifestyle!"

Harri Moora‘s project: Material flow analysis for industrial upcycling in Bangladeshi & Indian textile factories

"To make upcycling possible on the industrial level it is paramout to understand the material flows and the waste generated. Upcycling design is based on the parameters of existing material and has to fit the production system to make scalable designs."

The sessions are held in cooperation with the EcoDesign Circle project and its partners.