European Design Festival and Workshops

Find out more about the Design Workshops, lead by Dr. Leyla Acaroglu, Marksteen Adamson, Studio Bespoke, Verve Agency and Bürocratik

On June 17, ED-Festival will also host four workshops for both designers and people working in the public sector. NB! The number of places in the workshops is limited!

Pre-conference Workshop: Activating Positive Social Change with Disruptive Design by Dr. Leyla Acaroglu

Friday, June 17, 10:00-13:00
Location: Estonian Academy of Arts
Ticket: 60 eur / pre-registration required -> BUY HERE!
Target group: Designers and Public Sector

Workshop led by Dr. Leyla Acaroglu
Using a robust scientific approach to understanding the complex systems that impact society, the Disruptive Design Method leverages systems, sustainability, and design to understand, explore, and intervene in existing systems and to activate change globally.

The workshop provides the foundation for using the Disruptive Design Method - a holistic approach to complex problem solving that combines sociological inquiry methods with systems and design thinking approaches. The Disruptive Design Method helps you to develop systems interventions that are smart, effective, thoughtful, and sustainable. Through this workshop you will be introduced to the disruptive and creative mental tools to activate positive change.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Leyla Acaroglu connects systems, sustainability and design together as tools for addressing the planet’s biggest challenges. As a designer, sociologist, and sustainability provocateur, she was named 2016 United Nations Champion of the Earth for her internationally-recognised work in advancing science and innovation for sustainability. She is a TED speaker, entrepreneur, creator of the Disruptive Design Method, founder of the UnSchool and a sustainability provocateur who challenges people to think differently about how the world works.

Pre-conference Workshop: Stop Campaigning, Start Engaging by Marksteen Adamson

Friday, June 17, 10:00-13:00
Speaker: Marksteen Adamson
Target group: designers, public sector, NGO
Location: Creative Hub
Ticket: 60 eur / pre-registration required -> BUY HERE!

In this session, Marksteen Adamson, Founding Partner, Chief Creative Officer and Director of Strategy of the award-winning, UK-based, creative consultancy ASHA & Co will demonstrate how to create effective engagement with multiple audiences around controversial societal issues.

Following an introduction to his self-initiated project concerning the plight of refugees – ‘The Stations’, Marksteen will take participants on his personal journey, from his initial feelings of helplessness to the project’s hugely influential outcome. Marksteen will outline ASHA & Co’s ‘Hand of Change’ approach which uses multiple points of focus to build momentum and create impact around toxic issues.

Participants will then be asked to choose their own controversial or uncomfortable issue for which they want to create engagement. They will then be guided through a step-by step process ending with the production of a communication brief that will enable audiences to connect and engage with the chosen issue.

About the Speaker:

Marksteen Adamson is a Founding Partner, Chief Creative Officer and Director of Strategy at Asha & Co. Marksteen has gained an international reputation for being an inspiring creative strategist and problem solver, advising global companies, governments, countries and charities on brand strategy and brand behaviour. Marksteen was Global Creative Director of Interbrand and joint Director of its worldwide steering committee, building and overseeing the creative teams in London, Amsterdam and New York before making the move to set up ASHA & Co in 2002. 

In 2019 Marksteen won the Drum Social Purpose – 'Changemaker of the Year' award.
Marksteen’s award-winning work as Global Creative Director of Interbrand includes: ‘Welcome to Estonia’ (a unique brand identity project commissioned by the Estonian government to rebrand and re-position Estonia); the brand identity for PwC; the global brand refresh for Orange, and the multi-D&AD awardwinning Niceday brand identity for WHSmith. He was also responsible for the rebrand of the RaboBank in the Netherlands, Guinness Mahon Private Bank, and helping set up, brand and name the global movement – We Are What We Do. 

The awards have continued for his agency and more recently ASHA & Co was ranked in Design Week’s Top 100 as one of the most awarded agencies in the UK. As well as overseeing all creative work, brand strategy, innovation and driving the business direction and social objectives of ASHA & Co, Marksteen also has personal projects he works on in-between clients and family commitments.

Pre-conference workshop: Futures Design Methodology by Bespoke

Friday, June 17, 14:00-17:00
Location: e-Estonia Briefing Centre 
Speaker: Bespoke ( Andreas K. Mortensen & Chanel Haifley)
Target group: designers (strategic designers, service designers etc)
Ticket: 60 eur / pre-registration required -> BUY HERE!

Innovation leads us to the future, and the future makes us innovate.
What are the methods for collaboratively prototyping as well as experiencing and impacting future scenarios? How to create hypothetical future props? How to imagine, prototype, deploy and evaluate visions of possible futures on an extended time scale.

The workshop will be a hands-on introduction to Bespoke’s Futures Design methodology. Futures Design is a four step approach to design scenarios by identifying external change signals, assessing future risk factors and strategic opportunities, and backtracking necessary steps to achieve preferable outcomes. Participants will learn how to take action on an ever-changing society, and get familiar with tools and frameworks to monitor change signals as they arrive in the horizon and uncover opportunities at which today’s decisions and actions can be leveraged to move toward desirable futures.

The methodology will consist of the following activities:

Situate.Theme scoping: Uncovering the future of X by using a Scope Wheel
Search. Horizon scanning: Detecting external change signals by using Scan Cards
Sense. Analysing signals: Finding patterns and articulating insights by using Insight Template
Scale. Scenario making: Sketching scenarios by using a Scenario Canvas.

All activities will be facilitated by Andreas K. Mortensen & Chanel Haifley and co-created together with all participants.

The workshop will benefit all kinds of participants be it designers, academics, policy-makers or leaders but will emphasise the value it brings to professional/client work.

Bespoke is a global Futures Design Studio based in Copenhagen. You can read more about Bespoke’s work here:

A visit to e-estonia briefing centre to hear the story of the world's most advanced digital society.

About Bespoke

Bespoke is a global Futures Design Studio based in Copenhagen. You can read more about Bespoke’s work here:

About the Speakers:

In the Picture: Andreas K. Mortensen & Chanel Haifley

Andreas K. Mortensen is Research Lead in Bespoke, a strategic foresight and design studio based in Copenhagen. Andreas holds a master’s degree in Business Administration and Philosophy from Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. As Research Lead, Andreas is responsible for the quality and validity of all research activities related to Bespoke’s client projects. Moreover, Andreas plays a key role in translating and anchoring the data and creative output within client organisations, including facilitating, evaluating and presenting the results.

Chanel Haifley is a Research Intern at Bespoke, a strategic foresight and design studio based in Copenhagen. She holds a Bachelor in Dietetics and just finished her Master’s in Human Nutrition at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Chanel’s passion and experience lies in scanning industries for signals of change, documenting, and communicating them with design thinking. Chanel will bring forth her curious mindset and play a vital role in the facilitation of the European Design Awards workshop.

ED-Festival pre-conference workshop/seminar: From Designer to Designer by various Design Agencies (Verve Agency, Büroctratik & Velvet)

Friday, June 17, 16.30-18.30
Speaker: Verve Agency, Bürocratik & Velvet
Moderator: Tanel Kärp
Target group: the design community
Ticket: FREE / pre-registration required
Location: Estonian Academy of Arts

Design agencies from Europe and Estonia, nominated for European Design Awards this year, will share their recently nominated projects and beyond with the design colleagues. It's all about sharing some good experiences and having good discussion!

About the Speaker

The Verve Agency

We grew up as a digital agency, and we love the possibilities it gives us to work faster (and better), jump on new technologies and forge deeper relationships with users. We combine our digital-first mindset with razor-sharp strategy and outspoken design to distil your product’s energy into an unforgettable story.

But we can’t do it on our own. It requires commitment from you too. You can expect to be pushed far out of your comfort zone, further than you’ve gone before. We never know where we’ll end up together, but rest assured that your success means as much to us as it does to you. Because if we can't do our very best for you, we’ll both become irrelevant. We’re all in. Are you? Oh, and in case you're wondering, yes we used to be called Vruchtvlees.

Living Brands

Everyday, people get bombarded with thousands of digital commercial messages. As a brand (or branding agency) it's our task to bring beauty to this polluted landscape. To stay relevant in this digital era, you need a holistic approach to design. That’s why we believe that every company needs to transform into a Living Brand. A brand that’s outspoken, flexible and consistent. A brand that adapts to user needs in real-time. A brand that walks the talk. A brand that transforms into a real love mark over time. It’s what Nike has done in the past, and it’s what fast-moving brands need to do today.

In the Picture: Roman Stikkelorum

Roman Stikkelorum is Co-Founder and Managing Director at Verve Agency. The branding agency has made their mark in the industry by turning ambitious unicorns like Miro and Flutterwave and leading organisations like Tuum and Dutch Design Week into love marks. With a solid brand story foundation, Verve builds outspoken visual identities and digital platforms that convert clients into loyal fans. Roman has a keen eye for rapid growth potential in product-led-companies and B2B organisations.


The Design Conference will take place on June 18, deals with the theme “Beyond Design” and explores issues such as: Design Beyond Governance, Design Beyond Resistance and Design Beyond Tranquillity. It will look into the impact and future of design and through design as an engine for the welfare of the society, position and responsibilities of the designer while offering both inspiration, practical activities and networking opportunities to design professionals, entrepreneurs and policymakers from different areas.


ED-Festival Design Conference ‘‘Beyond Design‘‘. Meet the Speakers and check out the Time Schedule of the Conference!

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