About us

Value by design

The Estonian Design Centre fosters the field of design and brings its members together. We help designers, entrepreneurs, public sector representatives, policy makers and everyone else who wants to promote the growth of Estonian design find each other, and we also act as their partners. This gave us the idea for our logo – a line that connects and shows the way.

Our everyday work consists of making design visible and acknowledging design as something that adds value. Good design means user-friendly solutions that work well and pave the way for innovation both in business and the public sector. 


We want people to understand that design adds value – design makes our surroundings easier to use and function better, feel more comfortable, and look better. 


The mission of the Estonian Design Centre is to make design visible and acknowledge design as value adder, bring together designers, entrepreneurs and the public sector, increase the export potential of the products and services designed in Estonia, and create an inspiring, innovative and cooperation-driven environment for the development of design.


The strategic goals of the Estonian Design Centre: 

  • Acknowledge design as added value;
  • Support the strategic use of design in companies;
  • Support the strategic use of design in the public sector and act as a partner to policy makers;
  • Help to increase designers’ ability to manage design;
  • Increase the export potential of products and services designed in Estonia;
  • Promote the teaching of design basics and the design process in Estonian general education schools.

Supervisory Board

Members of the Estonian Design Centre Supervisory Board

Lylian Meister / Estonian Academy of Arts
Hede-Kerstin Luik / Estonian Service Industry Association, service designer 
Markko Karu / Designer
Martin Pärn / Tallinn University of Technology
Pirko Konsa / Entrepreneur
Kristjan Jagomägi / Estonian Design Institute, designer
Maire Milder / Baltika Group, member of the board
Kärt Summatavet / Estonian Association of Designers, designer

The role of Supervisory Board is to give advice to the management of the NGO.