For designers

How can the Design Centre help?

We can match you up with clients

Companies who want to use design often turn to us for advice and contacts. We help them to clarify their needs and match them with a suitable design agency. To facilitate this process, we have compiled a large share of the best service providers in Estonia and established the Estonian design agency network and database, the members of which work at a level that we can trust and recommend.  

We also organise networking events and information seminars for designers and companies as a platform where design agencies can showcase their work. We have developed several design support programmes for potential clients to ease them onto the path of using design. 

We complement your skills

The Estonian Design Centre gives you the chance to develop thanks to professional training sessions and master classes. We have organised training courses in service design, typography, branding, art direction etc. We also improve designers’ knowledge on design management and entrepreneurship, so that designers would be able to manage the design processes in companies at a strategic level. 

We acknowledge the best in the business 

So as to acknowledge the best designers and give more attention to great design stories, we have established the Estonian Design Awards to give prizes for product design, service design, graphic design and web design. We give out separate prizes to young notable designers.



How to become a member of Estonian Design Agencies network?

Design agencies/studios in various fields are welcome to join, as well as experienced freelancers looking for new collaboration opportunities. Being a member gives the design office an opportunity to be visible, to establish contacts both within the field and with new clients, to participate in the development of the field and to participate in inspiring trips and trainings. At the moment we have 50 design agencies/studios in Estonian Design Agencies Network.

Annual membership fee of the network of Estonian Design Agencies:

1 - 2 employees: 200 €
3 - 10 employees: 300 €
11 -... employees: 400 €


What are the benefits of becoming a member?

- New clients will find you through the database of Estonian Design Offices, which is the first place for many companies and the public sector to find a design office. All members of the network are gathered on one platform, which provides a quick overview of your work and services. The Estonian Design Center constantly directs potential customers to visit the database. The database is in both Estonian and English, and in 2021 about 7,000 queries were made there.

- You can establish contacts with business and the public sector. Through local and international inquiries to the Design Center, calls for tenders, contact seminars, business information days and programmes supporting the implementation of design (circular economy and design, design audit), etc.

- You can make contacts and share experiences with other design agencies, through various joint events.

- You will find reflection on your achievements in the social media of the Design Center (Facebook ca 9300 followers / Instagram ca 2500 followers / Linkedin ca 600 followers), EDC monthly newsletter ca 2,600 subscribers, EDC website and design blog;

- You can participate 20% cheaper and as a priority in trainings and development programmes organised by EDC - in 2022 we will organise several in-service trainings and master classes for designers with international and local trainers, we will continue with the international internship programem for designers, coaching, etc.

- You will have an access to the cluster's Connected Health network and the opportunity to participate in cluster events with preferential membership.

- You can participate in annual development and inspiration trips (if the international situation allows it again!). The purpose of the development trips is to get acquainted with the representatives of organisations and design offices promoting the field of design abroad in order to exchange experiences, get inspiration and establish contacts for initiating international cooperation. The purpose of inspiration trips is to visit different design offices, to get acquainted with the work organisation and work of different offices, to get inspiration and experiences. Among other countries, Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Warsaw and Singapore have been visited together in the past, and in 2022 a trip to Israel, Ireland and Spain is being prepared.

- You will be also internationally visible. We offer through our international network appearances at various international events, newsletters etc.

- You will be in the information field of the Estonian Design Center - we are sending up-to-date information about trainings, competitions, procurement, etc. 

- You can use Estonian Design Centre library. We are supplementing the library regularly with an up-to-date design books.