ED-Festival Design Conference ‘‘Beyond Design‘‘. Meet the Speakers!

Meet the ED-Festival Design Conference ‘‘Beyond Design‘‘ speakers

The European Design Festival Conference 2022 “Beyond Design” addresses the core questions of the future of design and through design, position and responsibilities of the designer through practical workshops, discussions and cross-sectoral future visions.

The conference will take place on June 18, 09:30-17:00 at Kultuurikatel (Creative Hub) as a physical event, enabling also some hybrid activities. The conference will be recorded and available for later review.      

Ticket: 120 eur or invitation/pre-registration required -> BUY HERE!


Through various discussions and case studies the conference seeks answers to the questions such as: How to design a future that is better for all of us? How to control the situations we do not yet know? Will the problems arising today create new meanings and opportunities for design tomorrow? What does digital innovation actually mean, and how does it change us as humans? How to create sustainability in a sustainable way? How to see sustainability not as a constraint but as a great challenge that gives us new opportunities for innovation. On which side of the barricades should a designer stay? Is reconsideration of the ethics of creation a basis for new significance?  

The questions will be opened via 3 tracks

1. BEYOND GOVERNANCE. Innovation leads us to the future, and the future makes us innovate. How to govern situations that are in the future and that we have never experienced before? How to consider unforeseen events and uncertainty? How to understand the future of the relationship between people and their governments?

2. DESIGN BEYOND RESISTANCE. Our world is using many comfortable and unsustainable models – social, ecological, economical. How to challenge the status quo – and go beyond mere disruption but design the next solution.

3. DESIGN BEYOND TRANQUILITY. Creating a world for living in meaningful peace of mind - this is the oldest task of design. How to design a future that is better for all of us? Will the problems arising today create new meanings and opportunities for design tomorrow? How to see sustainability not as a constraint but as a great challenge that gives us opportunities for innovation?


We have invited speakers whose work challenges the way we think and feel - about design, sustainability for the future and even life in general.

In the picture: Dr. Leyla Acaroglu

Dr. Leyla Acaroglu (CEO & Founder The UnSchool and Disrupt Design www.leylaacaroglu.com) is an award-winning designer and sociologist helping to pioneer the transformation to a sustainable and circular economy. She is a TED speaker, a UN Environment Champion of the Earth Lauret, and a LinkedIn Change-Maker. She is the creator of the Disruptive Design Method, which combines systems thinking, sustainability sciences and design as tools for creating a circular and sustainable future. The founder of The UnSchool of Disruptive Design and the creative agency Disrupt Design, Leyla travels the world helping people and organisations think differently about the role we can each play in designing a positive future.    

In the Picture: Ariel Guersenzvaig

Ariel Guersenzvaig is a design and technology ethicist and a professor of design at ELISAVA, Barcelona School of Design and Engineering. His main areas of research are, on the one hand, the ethical impact of machine intelligence on society, and, on the other hand, the ethics of professional design activity. His research has been published in several edited scholarly volumes as well in journals such as ACM Interactions, AI&Society, Journal of Design Research, and IEEE Technology and Society Magazine. He is the author of 'The Goods of Design: Professional Ethics for Designers' (Rowman & Littlefield, 2021), which was reviewed as 'Essential' by the influential Choice Magazine. He holds a PhD in Design Theory from the University of Southampton (UK), and an MA in Ethics from the University of Birmingham (UK). Before becoming a full-time academic he worked for the industry for more than 20 years.

In the picture: Angela Oguntala

Angela Oguntala is a founding partner at Greyspace, a foresight and design studio that partners with organizations to envision and transition towards desirable futures. She has led work in various sectors from education and policy, to healthcare, finance and fashion. She works to facilitate deliberation on emerging challenges and opportunities, inform strategy and develop new thinking.

Angela also has deep expertise and interest in collective imagination, sustainable transitions and experimental processes to catalyze innovation. Selected clients of hers include IKEA, Hermès, Philips, Sky, The World Economic Forum, The World Trade Organization and Microsoft. Angela Oguntala is a Salzburg Global Fellow, she was named a Future Innovator by The United Nations OICT & Ars Electronica for her work and speaks widely on future-facing themes, having been featured on TED, NPR and various international platforms.

     In the picture: Marksteen Adamson

Marksteen Adamson is a Founding Partner, Chief Creative Officer and Director of Strategy at Asha & Co. Marksteen has gained an international reputation for being an inspiring creative strategist and problem solver, advising global companies, governments, countries and charities on brand strategy and brand behaviour. Marksteen was Global Creative Director of Interbrand and joint Director of its worldwide steering committee, building and overseeing the creative teams in London, Amsterdam and New York before making the move to set up ASHA & Co in 2002. In 2019 Marksteen won the Drum Social Purpose – 'Changemaker of the Year' award.

Marksteen’s award-winning work as Global Creative Director of Interbrand includes: ‘Welcome to Estonia’ (a unique brand identity project commissioned by the Estonian government to rebrand and re-position Estonia); the brand identity for PwC; the global brand refresh for Orange, and the multi-D&AD awardwinningNiceday brand identity for WHSmith. He was also responsible for the rebrand of the RaboBank in the Netherlands, Guinness Mahon Private Bank, and helping set up, brand and name the global movement – We Are What We Do. The awards have continued for his agency and more recently ASHA & Co was ranked in Design Week’s Top 100 as one of the most awarded agencies in the UK. As well as overseeing all creative work, brand strategy, innovation and driving the business direction and social objectives of ASHA & Co, Marksteen also has personal projects he works on in-between clients and family commitments.

In the Picture: Isabelle Dahlborg Lidström

Isabelle Dahlborg Lidström is Head of Design, Creative Director and Partner of the brand devilment consultancy Grow in Stockholm, Sweden, with over 28 years of experience from the international design industry in NYC, Copenhagen and Stockholm. After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design and completing a training in Packaging Design, Isabelle founded the innovation consultancy Pond, then No Picnic Packaging and the company NINE.

Isabelle has always had a passion for solving business challenges by using design in both innovative and aesthetic way. Using both structural and graphic design, materials and function, paired with a deep understanding of the challenges of the business and the industry, she is adamant in finding the most appropriate solution to any given problem. Isabelle has experience from the juries of Eurobest, Dieline, Pentawards, LIA, Kolla, Guldägget, Core 77, IF Award.

In the Picture: Kaidi-Kerli Kärner

Kaidi-Kerli Kärner is a Strategic Planning Director at the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. She will give a research overview about the footprint of Estonian public digital services.

Digitalisation is a big part of our lives and is a success story of the Estonian public sector. Therefor it is important that our digital life is sustainable as well and when making choices regarding future digital solutions, we can be as environmentally sustainable as possible.
Digital environmental sustainability is one of the focus subjects in the new Digital Agenda 2030 of Estonia (national digital strategy). The agenda states that the goal is to be more sustainable but at the moment we lack the knowledge of the current situation and therefor it is difficult to know where to start (where the problem is most urgent). We need to identify where the environmental impact of digital state is the biggest and map out possibilities to reduce that impact. Analysis carried out in spring 2022 will map the environmental impact of Estonia’s public sector digital products (servers, work stations, work processes etc) and will look at possible solutions.

In the Picture: Frederico Duarte

Frederico Duarte studied communication design in Lisbon and worked as a designer in Malaysia and Italy. He holds an MFA in design criticism from the School of Visual Arts and a PhD in design curating from Birkbeck College, University of London and the Victoria & Albert Museum. As a design critic and curator he has written articles and essays, contributed to books and catalogues, given lectures and workshops, curated exhibitions and organised events on design, architecture and creativity since 2006.

In the Picture: Isabel Inés

Isabel Inés, “Ludita", is a strategic designer in Spain with more than 25 years of experience. With a degree in Information Sciences, she has worked designing digital products and services, leading design teams, defining methodologies and strategies, and creating user and learning experiences for all kinds of companies: idealista, Decathlon, Cadena Ser, Museo del Prado, eBay, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bergé Auto, BBVA Bank, etc.

In 2020 she received the Jury Award at the Spain’s National Design and Innovation Awards in the "Professionals" category, for pioneering the new disciplines of design in Spain, helping define the new profession and creating a strong comunity around it. She is the Captain of Mothership - in Spanish, La Nave Nodriza - a space for reflecting and learning on human-centered design in the heart of Madrid, and all over the world since the pandemic made them become remote. Also she is part of llios, a design collective that explores new organizational models (without a business structure, based on trust and mutual admiration) and develops design and innovation projects that help to humanise modernity. She believes that design has a growing impact on our society and is determined to design a better, fairer, easier and a more beautiful world.

In the Picture: Vinay Mistry

Vinay Mistry  is a multi-award winning Creative Director of DesignStudio London. He loves to design identities, direct films and experiment with new technology to create powerful stories. Since joining DesignStudio, he has led projects for world renowned brands including Panasonic, Fifa, Virgin, Mind and HelloFresh amongst many others.


In the Picture: Margus Tamm

Margus Tamm is an interdisciplinary designer, artist, writer, lecturer and cultural critic.
Graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts with a Master's degree in Interdisciplinary Arts, studied at the Doctoral School of Art and Design at Chelsea College, London. He is currently doing research at the Estonian Academy of Arts and Doctoral School, focusing on intervening artistic-activist practices in public space. He has won several advertising and design awards for his work, as well as art, literature and architecture awards.

At the conference, Margus will look at how community protests trigger innovation in living environment design.


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