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Nulku by Kristiina Nurk

Next Designmarket will take place December 15 2019

In design blog
Design Market. Photo by Aron Urb

Design for Europe is a web platform that showcases the best design examples and tools as well as stories on how design leads to innovation in both business and the public sector. 

The website of the Estonian Design Centre received support from the creative industries programme for the development of support structures, joint projects and export capacity. The project “Creating added value with design” received 300,000 euros of support from Enterprise Estonia through the European Regional Development Fund. The project lasts from May 2015 to May 2017 and its aim is to increase the use of design among Estonian enterprises as well as boost the export volume and added value of design agencies. The project is used to carry out several activities, such as the Design Bulldozer programme, seminars, training sessions and study trips to match the needs of entrepreneurs and design agencies so as to meet the goals of the project.

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