Design Driver(finished)

The Design Driver is meant for you if you have asked yourself any of the following questions:

- Can we use design in my company?

- Where should I begin?

- Which is more important: product design or web design?

- How much is it all going to cost?

- Where can I find a suitable designer?

- What is the difference between this design agency and the other?

- How should I purchase design services to make sure we can achieve what we need?

The Design Driver is a design audit programme whose aim is to define the company’s ability and need to use design. At the end of the programme the company is aware of the next steps it needs to take to add value to the product or service by using design and the people who could provide the design services. However, sometimes the company comes to the conclusion that it would not be reasonable to invest in design at this point.

How does the Design Driver work?

The Design Driver is set up as a journey of development. It has four stages that need to be completed to find answers to the questions that speak to the participant: 

1. In-depth view of the company, design diagnostics. The design manager interviews the company’s management and key personnel, and takes a tour of the company.

2. An analysis of the challenges and resources of the company. Where can design bring added value?

3. Presentation of the design audit results and a discussion with the management. What could be the focus and scope of a design project or projects?  

4. A short seminar on a subject important to the company, on either design discipline or the design process. 

It takes approximately two months to go through these stages.

Who are the leaders of the Design Driver?

The Design Driver is led by the Estonian Design Centre in cooperation with design managers who have long-term experience in advising companies on design and in managing design projects.

Design managers: 

Janno Siimar – service design, branding

Alari Orav – branding, graphic design, packaging

Ionel Lehari – branding, graphic design, packaging

Sven Sõrmus – industrial design, product development

Tarmo Härmaorg – industrial design, product development

Kristian Kirsfeldt – branding, graphic design, packaging


How much does the Design Driver cost?

Ettevõtte omaosalus on 690€, ülejäänud programmi kulud kaetakse Euroopa Regionaalarengufondi vahenditest. 

The company pays 690 euros, the rest of the cost is covered from the resources of the European Regional Development Fund.

How can I get on the Design Driver wagon?


Tiia Vihand

+372 5017310