Circular Design HOW TO? session 6

Circularity in Textiles

In the upcoming Circular Design HOW TO? webinar we will dive into the topic of Circular Textiles and hear from international experts and designers. The session is held in cooperation and as part of the 10th anniversary of the German Ecodesign Award

Date: October 6th
Time: 5:00 – 6:30 PM (EEST)/4:00 - 5:30 PM (CEST)
Topic: Circularity in Textiles
Speakers: Jan Gimkiewicz, Kerli Kant-Hvass, Ina BuddeConrad Dorer
Language: English
Location: Zoom
Price: FREE but pre-registration is required
To Whom: designers and circular economy & sustainability experts, company representatives, product developers and others interested
Organizers: Kerli Kehman-Vaarik (Estonian Design Centre) and Denise Biermann, Jasmin Suhr (International Design Centre Berlin)



17:00-17:10  Introduction by Conrad Dorer (German Environment AgencyEcoDesign Circle 4.0) & Kerli Kehman-Vaarik (Estonian Design Centre)
17:10-17:25  Challenges of the Textile Industry & “Quality and Lifetime of Textiles” study by Jan Gimkiewicz (German Environment Agency)
17:25-17:40  There’s no circularity in isolation – the values and needs of a new business model by Kerli Kant-Hvass (
17:40-17:55  The road to by Ina Budde (
17:55-18:25  Open Discussion
18:25-18:30  Closing words by Conrad Dorer

About the speakers:

Photo: Jan Gimkiewicz

Jan Gimkiewicz studied social and political sciences in Oldenburg and Berlin. Since 2018, he has been working as a research assistant at the German Environment Agency in the section of sustainable consumption. He was initially responsible for the areas of digitalization and e-commerce. For a year now, he has been working more intensively on the topic of the longevity and useful life of clothing. In this context, he took a closer look at his own closet. It currently contains 182 garments. His oldest garment that can still be worn is a polo shirt from 2005.

Photo: Kerli Kant Hvass

Kerli Kant Hvass (PhD) is an internationally recognized expert in sustainable business innovation and circular economy and has experience from private, public, non-profit sectors and academia in Denmark, US and Estonia. For the past 15 years she has facilitated sustainability and circularity through project development and management, advisory, lecturing and research. Among others, she developed circularity at fashion corporation BESTSELLER.

Kerli holds a MSc. Degree in International Business Economics from Aalborg University and has studied Social Entrepreneurship at Roskilde University, Denmark. She holds an Industrial PhD in Social Sciences from Copenhagen Business School (CBS) where she conducted action research in business model innovation for circular economy within fashion with several industry stakeholders. She is passionate about eco-system solutions in achieving circularity and is dedicated to building a knowledge-practice bridge and collaboration between different stakeholders and initiatives.

Kerli is a Co-Founder of an independent systems thinking advisory company REVALUATE that facilitates circular economy transition and advises organizations in the wide areas of strategic sustainability development and circular business innovation. Besides REVALUATE, she is an external lecturer at CBS and at Estonian Business School (EBS) where she also develops various circular economy initiatives with industry stakeholders.

Photo: Ina Budde / © Valeria Mitelman

Forward thinking designer Ina Budde, is co-founder and CEO of ‚’ a sustainable change agency for product and system innovation for a circular economy. By providing software and services for circular design and closed loop recycling systems, she and her team support fashion businesses in doing their best to create products and business models fit for a circular systems. The company offers a Circular Design Software, Workshops and Circular Product Checks to enable fashion brands to construct fully recyclable garments, which can be directed to the most suitable recycler by help of the circularity.ID and its connected recycling partner network - so that the products of today become the resources of tomorrow. 

Ina Budde has a strong personal intention to provoke a shift of the current industry structure in order to build an intelligent and healthy circular system. Before Ina founded she consulted on circularity in fashion and lectured sustainable design at international universities from Melbourne to Berlin. In 2017 she was winner of the German Ecodesign Award in the Young Talents category. Her team received the GLOBAL CHANGE AWARD by H&M Foundation, NEXT ECONOMY AWARD 2015, and was selected as sustainable innovator by the accelerator program FASHION FOR GOOD Plug ’n Play.

Photo: Conrad Dorer / ©Elena Gontarenko

Conrad Dorer works for the German Environment Agency and is concerned with sustainable consumption. His current focus is on how to further promote the sustainable design of products and services. From 2016 until 2021 he coordinated the EU Interreg project in the Baltic Sea region EcoDesign Circle (4.0), in which design centres and companies are enabled to design for re-circulation systems using practical methods and knowledge.

Talking about the longevity and use of textiles, he can come up with pullovers, among other things, that he has been wearing for over 25 years.


Circular design How To? session is an open space for circular design professionals to discuss their work and experience. We will avoid abstract concepts and discuss practical takeaways from circular design projects. Previous HOW TO? sessions are available here:

NB! As it is a fully online event, please be prepared with a smooth Internet connection!

The event is organized by Estonian Design Centre and held in cooperation with the German Ecodesign Award, EcoDesign Circle project and its partners.

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