Circular Economy and Design Masterclass for designers

Estonian Design Centre (EDC) in cooperation with Grow agency will hold a Circular Economy Masterclass targeted for designers. 

NB! Places are full!

The two-day masterclass (held in English) will take place in Tallinn on September 29th - 30th, 2021. Registration is open until September 22nd and limited spots are available!

We expect designers with prior experience and interest in circular design to take part. The masterclass will be guided by Grow’s Circular Economy and Client Manager Kinge Gardien, and the agency’s Design Director Andreas Linnell. During the two days the participants will work on both theoretical and practical topics, from the basic understanding of circular design concepts to deep dives to circular design strategies, legislation, case studies, cooperation practices, and discussions.

As a result of the workshop, the participants will acquire skills in Circular Economy, Circular Design Strategies, Systemic Design, Contextualisation, Collaboration and EU Legislation. A certificate will be given to participants to showcase these skills and topics, as well as exposure on EDC’s circular design webpage as circular economy and -design experts.

1-2 months after the masterclass the trainers will provide a follow-up consultation to participated designers.

The masterclass fee is 280€ + VAT. 20% discount price 224€ + VAT applies for Estonian Design Agencies network members.


Registration is open until September 22nd, 2021.


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The Masterclass is supported by the Environmental Investment Centre.

Additional information: 

The trainers

In the picture: Kinge Gardien

Kinge Gardien is a Circular Economy and Client Manager at Grow, working as a problem-solver within the triangle of circular economy, innovation and sustainability. She aims to create solutions relevant for a future we all want to live in. Born in the Netherlands, and has recently made her way over to Sweden.

Kinge has a BSc in Industrial Design Engineering from Delft University of Technology. She leaped to Cultural and Social Anthropology at the VU in Amsterdam to find out how we can include individuals, and groups in our design processes, before she went back to get a MSc in Strategic Design at TU Delft.

After graduation, Kinge moved to work with foundations pioneering the concept of a circular economy. At first, she joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in the UK as a DIF Programme Manager, working with partners across the globe to create and disseminate new stories, discovering a variety of topics related to circular economy. She thereafter went back to the Netherlands, where she continued working in the circular economy field. This time with Circle Economy and programme development for circular design and brands, working with continuous improvement and exploration of circular economy, design, and innovation, as well as how it can be used practically and scalable. Collaborating closely with partners who operate in the field, while balancing that with insights from business and organisations with academic research.

In the picture: Andreas Linnell

Andreas Linnell is Design Director at Grow with over 20 years of experience as a designer across a range of disciplines, from digital to advertising, experiential design, packaging innovation and design strategy. Andreas has a wide and thorough understanding of design as a strategic vehicle for successful innovation and communication.

Andreas has studied design at University of New South Wales (Sydney) and has a bachelor degree in design from Swinburne University (Melbourne).

Before merging with Grow, Andreas spent 7 years as a Design Director at NINE. Previous work experience include Peer Group Media (Creative Director), Jefferson (Art Director), Accenture (Art Director), Carbonate (Designer) and Telia Infomedia Interactive (Designer).