GROW Design Leadership Programme Q&A

What is GROW Design Leadership Programme and to whom? Q&A

Here are five questions regarding to GROW Design Leadership Programme answered by Frans Joziasse MSc MBA (Director PARK).  The Programme will start in mid February 2022 and lasts 9 months.

In the Picture: Frans Joziasse

Who is expected to join the GROW Design Leadership Programme and why?

In general this would be designers from different backgrounds having a professional experience from 5-10 years (or more). Those that want to improve their management and leadership skills and want to get more impact with design in their company or for their clients. Of course also people with a different background e.g. marketing or engineering can join as they often have to work closely together with designers.

What is the amount of the workload? Is it really doable alongside full time work?

Over the 40 weeks it is an average engagement of 2 hours a week. This does include the 5 x 2 day tutoring sessions. This seems to be a lot but so far for more than 1.500 participants not a big roadblock as the programme and the assignments have many benefits on the day to day business improvements. So definitely worth the investment.

What is an international Grow community? Will all participants be part of it when they have completed the programme?

We have founded two years ago Grow alumni. Which entails all 1.500 former participants that meet once a year and are part of a network that everybody can tap into. An international network of designers with different backgrounds, geographies in Europe and USA. And yes all graduates are automatically part of the Grow alumni.

Will the participants gain something more besides change in their mind-set? Will they learn new specific tools they can apply in their work?

Yes the main gains next to getting more self-confident and becoming a strong storyteller is that all the modules have specific assignments with specific unique tools e.g. the Design Value Canvas or the Design Strategy Compass, that will solve specific challenges that participants face everyday. Last but not least the sharing and exchange between the participants is a big additional benefit as well.

Is it possible to pay in several installments for the programme?

Yes. That is something we can arrange on an individual base with the participants.

NB! Join Programme last demowebinar (free of charge!) on January 18 2022 14:00 - 15:00. REGISTER to the demowebinar HERE

More information about the Programme and the Time Schedule here (in english) or here (in estonian).