Design studio Sviiter summary of the 2021

Stepping into 2021 we had kind of mixed emotions but overall very cool year with several new clients in our briefcase.

We have mixed emotions regarding to last year. On the one side, we paid some debts from 2020, but on the other hand, we made the most successful year in Sviiter’s history, mostly with a strong second half of the year. We would like to thank our clients and friends who have been with us, and all the newcomers who helped built the year as cool as it was.


Triathlon Cafe - Stanislav shared his innovative idea to create a café for triathlon enthusiasts alongside a theme shop and all other services. In the current economy, building a psychical café and store is not a dream come true, but preparations for opening are in progress. Soon triathlon enthusiasts from Tallinn and St. Petersburg can spend their time in a cosy themed café, shop in the store and have a chat with other enthusiasts about future events or just everyday news about the sports. We made the visual appearance of the brand and website with online store.

Punane Ristik (Red Clover) is an NGO for supporting local medicine facilities, managed by Estonian Red Cross. Red Clover is a recycle centre that collects new and unused products from previous seasons and sells them in their store. With earned income Estonian Red Cross supports local medicine facilities in Estonia to fight better with the current situation. You will find Red Clover Recycle Center in Tallinn, Kadaka tee 54. In this project, we made the visual identity with CVI and whole visual concept.


Business Tartu Expo - Business Tartu Expo by the City of Tartu is a small information channel that introduces different possibilities Tartu offers as a smart city, also orientation to innovation and compact city in European context. We made the project information website.

University of Tartu Expo - is like a supplement for the City of Tartu Expo project, because Tartu is not the same without the university and university would not be the same without the culture of students in the city and the business opportunities the University creates. The main task was to introduce University of Tartu in the Expo; our task was to create the website and visual materials for a better introduction.

The products of Gourmet Club are well-known and regular guests on our tables. Their mission is to bring classic world tastes to our tables while not losing authenticity and quality. Their most known products are definitely cakes and sweets, but more and more salads, sauces and hummuses have become increasingly popular. We had the pleasure to help them to open their site and web store, where you can find their products and loads of recipes to expand your home meals with Gourmet Club products.

Triathlon Cafe - As mentioned in the branding section, the new and innovative idea also got an outcome on the web as well, with an already running web shop and theme blog. We hope that all the regulations and current situation will decrease and they could open a real store in Tallinn and St Petersburg.

Pohla & Hallmägi Law Firm - Over the years, we have done several projects in the law and advocacy field. That continued in 2021, the website for Pohla & Hallmägi Law Firm got a minimal, calm and restricted look. We updated their past visual appearance with trustworthy elements and the possibility to be more accessible for their clients.


The vision book ‘My Future Colleague, a Robot’ by Tallinn University is a great collection of vision stories, written by intellectuals, lectures and teachers, discussing about their job in case their colleague would be a robot. In addition, there are several discussions about what kind of opportunities it would give, what kind of fears it would create, and how the future classroom management would work between artificial intelligence and a teacher.

The Yearbook of Riigi Kinnisvara gathered all the data, images and descriptions how Estonian Government managed and planned their real estate in 2021.


Bon Soya Nutritional Yeast is like a super food with loads of useful features, which has so far been mostly valued by vegans. With small steps, the yeast has made its way to widen the popularity. The background task for updating the package was to enter new markets and to give the wider audience a more authentic new topic or link to reach.

Any other burger is like any other – but vegan. It has a smaller footprint, it burdens your organism less, it is vegan, works well on a grill and an oven, and is also delicious. We suggest to give it a try, we liked it. We did the package design, which has a clean and classic layout of a vegan and healthy product.

PLDK Brwry is a local or hobby project of one of our office mates. As we know Taavi, he never does anything simply, and that includes brewing in his home basement. He came to us, gave us a name and a small brief and these are the visual appearances of his products. Every label has a story, everything is personal and intimate. Read more about the project.


The clothing project for Kristin Tattar and Silver Lätt lasted around half a year and we finished the design just before their American tour, where the new collection got loads of publicity and interest. We got dozens of e-mails with the request to purchase items from the collection. It was a really cool experience from our side and a really cool outcome as well, don’t you agree? Read more about the project.


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