Felix will make you an artist


Tank's client Põltsamaa Felix came to the company with a fun label drawing competition idea. The campaign’s intent was to give people the
opportunity to design their own 1 kg Felix tomato ketchup bottle label with the chance of having it printed on the actual product.
The task was to create the creative concept and communication that would inform people about the design competition and also make the campaign
fun, playful and therefore incite participation. Additionally, Tank was responsible for the competition’s technical execution.

The campaign was targeted towards men and women aged 18-50 and additionally children aged 8-16, who are known to strongly influence
the ketchup purchase decision. The objectives of this campaign were to achieve additional growth in sales turnover in the ketchup product group by +70 000 euros and overall market share growth by 2%. Also, an active participation and positive feedback from the people was anticipated.


The media used for this campaign included a TV commercial (20 sec), campaign product label, campaign website, in store posters and
Facebook banners. To launch the campaign, existing product labels was replaced with blank campaign labels, inviting people to take part in the competition.

The TV spot was made in-house, using stop motion animation technique and illustrating the label designing process in real life.
Simultaneously, all other media was used to promote the campaign. To enter the competition people were directed to the campaign website where they could design their own label in just a few clicks. The design process was made very easy - all the design elements were given and it was just the matter of mixing and matching, colouring and sizing. The designs were automatically uploaded and the public then voted for their favourites. The final 5 winners were selected by a professional jury.


In conclusion, the goals set for this campaign were exceeded by double and it had a very positive feedback from both the client and the
public. Over 600 participants took part of the competition and more than 9000 unique label designs
were uploaded.
As for the fiscal results, the growth in sales turnover compared to the same period last
year was 130 000 euros and the growth in market share was 4%. In addition to the public’s positive feedback, the campaign also had a significant support
from the press. Several articles about the campaign and interviews with the competition winners were published.

Design: tank.ee

Felix from Tank on Vimeo.

Graphic Design, Illustration, Tank