DCP Pilot Action Setup workshop, 23–25 September 2020 

This 3-day workshop aimed at jointly developing the pilot action that is going to take place in Thessaloniki in the next period for addressing an urban social challenge, with the participation of local SMEs.

The co-creation workshop among the DCP project partners was conducted online, with the use of miro platform. During these 3 days, the project team members of the 3 partners (KEPA – Greece, PDR – UK & EDC – Estonia) collaborated on defining the challenge and on formulating the process that will be followed during its solving.

More specifically, with the use of certain tools, the participants worked individually and in teams and came up with a specific methodology based on Design Thinking, by exploiting the up-to-now gathered evidence as well as their experience from similar activities.

The final outcome of this collective effort will be pilot tested by KEPA in the next months with the valuable cooperation of Social Dynamo initiative of Bodossaki Foundation. In particular, with the use of Design Thinking methodology and tools, the development of a strong common profile of the civil society organisations towards the local ecosystem will be attempted, with the contribution of local SMEs.  

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 853667.