Voog is a tool for creatives to build beautiful, design-driven websites for themselves and their customers. The rich, fully responsive website is built from ground up with one-of-a-kind content — texts, photos and videos. Our first task was to find a proper new name for the company and its product. Playing around with various alternatives we were drawn again and again to the simple, short and powerful VOOG which means 'flow' in Estonian — and sounds a bit like 'vogue'. We managed to acquire the voog.com domain name and proceeded straight to branding. Whereas most of the business oriented web apps tend to be generic, almost unbranded, we wanted to keep the designer roots of the team in their fresh branding. Therefore the end result is stylish, playful and un-geeky. We also wanted to keep away from the mellow, warm and overused hipster gamma often associated with designers, so the imagery is more raw, vibrant and sometimes even oversaturated. Second big task was creating the website and the whole user experience of the product itself. Where the website keeps the over the top branding in the focus, the product itself had to be completely out of the way of the user, his brand, his website. The connecting features of the two worlds are therefore typography, tone and style of the infrequent copy and the the few admin screens where we could use large photos without compromising the user experience. Both the website and the user interface of the product are playing along well with different screen sizes and device types. Also, they both are inhabited by more than a dozen language versions, sometimes with non-Latin alphabets. Agency: Fraktal Designer: Tõnu Runnel, Tajo Oja Technical: Priit Haamer, Oliver Pulges Creative director: Martin Voltri See the video here, author Linda Loovteenused voog-front-final (3)
Graphic Design, Identity, Web Design