Estonian Design Awards: Screen Graphics

In screen graphics category there are not many finalists, but all of them have creative unique approach. X-Road Explainer xroad_adce-04 xroad_adce-01xroad_adce-05 xroad_adce-03 xroad_adce-02 X-Road has been mainstray of the Estonian IT-revolution for more than a decade, saving the state and public offices time and money so they can concentrate on their main functions. The analogy with Tetris shapes easily describes and visualizes what X-Road is all about. Different colors and shapes describe data from different sources that need to be up to date and accessible to everyone at any time. This explainer is a tool for Cybernetica to sell their services to other countries and companies. Customer: Cybernetica Agency: Tolm Animator: Ingel Martin, Joosep Volk Project lead: Martin Rääk Art director: Joosep Volk 2014 European Parliament elections 3 2 5 6 Visual identity and screen graphics for a full HD LED + tablet app design for controlling graphics on screens, made for the 2014 European Parliament elections’ live broadcast by the Estonian national TV station ETV. Client: ERR Agency: EKA Creative director: Uku Kristjan Küttis Designer: Mikk Jõgi, Erik Heinpalu Developer: Madis Seppam Animator: Henno Luts Estonian Eurovision contest Eesti Laul motion graphics eestilaul_5 eestilaul_1 eestilaul_3 eestilaul_4 eestilaul_2 The Estonian Eurovision contest Eesti Laul 2014 gave people a chance to participate in creating motion graphics. Customer: Eesti Televisioon / ERR Agency: Jan Tomson Disain Creative director: Jan Tomson Designer: Jan Tomson Animator: Karri Kaljend Developer: Tanel Kärp Illustrator: Eesti rahvas OP! opening sequence & broadcast graphics op_adce-04 op_adce-03  op_adce-02 op_adce-01 OP! is a weekly culture magazine focusing on art, cinema and theatre. Optical art and high contrast black & white has always been the main theme of OP! For the 13 years it's been on air. So to bring something fresh to the table we had to be creative. We experimented with black & white lines and surfaces and played around with a musical notation of the original score. Light and shadows vs piano keys was the concept around which the design was built. Customer: ERR Agency: Tolm Animator: Joosep Volk Creative director: Joosep Volk Project manager: Raino Mardo Designer: Joosep Volk
Graphic Design, Identity, Illustration