#jonurm spring-summer 2015


The spring-summer 2015 collection by young fashion designer #jonurm is inspired by Chinese portraits from Ming to Qing.

"The ancestor seems shrouded in stillness, removed from all wordly activity, and never performs a gesture more active than fingering a costume accessory: an iconic convention meant to inspire awe and devotion. Emphasis is laid on the fact that he/she is finally out of a human state and has achieved a supermundane level of existence. The emphatically static, rigid pose of the sitters manifests the rarefied, imperturbable state of being." - Jan Stuart, Evelyn S. Rawski , oriental art, Worshiping the Anchestor, Chinese Commemorative Portraits.

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Model: Christina Chen.

Photographer: Matti Adoma.

Young Designer, Fashion Design, Textile design