Jazzkaar set design

This year music festival Jazzkaar celebrated their 25th anniversary and besides great music there is also good reason to talk about design. We want to draw attention to the design of the two main stages which was remarkable. The venues were Nokia Concert Hall and Marina Pavilion that was in fact specially put up for the festival. Author of the design solutions for the stages was an interior architect Ott Kangur with the help of Joel Kopli, Rannar Laur and Tim Heinpõld. The idea for the set design was really simple – strong ropes that were led to the stage as if the light was falling and were attached to big black forms which spelled the name of the festival - Jazzkaar. Together with professional lighting a unique solution was born, from striking bright green to cold and grim yet powerful grey. Designer Ott Kangur explained that you could find many different associations with the ropes that decorated the stages that were all linked to Jazzkaar festival and the location of the Marina Pavilion. For some it associates with lightfalls, for musicians it might symbolize the strings of the instruments and for others were reminded of the ropes of the sailboats that stop at the same port where the concert venue was. Also an important factor was the reuse principle. All details were created from recycled carton. Simply because the designer’s heart just couldn’t allow him to produce brand new things as temporary decorations to a festival that lasts only for a few days. Photos by: Rainer Ojaste, Ott Kangur, Rene Jakobson, Siiri Padar Mount Kimbie Portico Quartet Mount Kimbie jazzkaar Jazzkaar_logo-protsess Nina Attal eplik2 eplik Eplik&Randalu
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