Cumulus–one boat, three souls

A trio of sailing enthusiasts created a boat design that was novel, and outstanding in terms of its usability. But the boat was trying to appeal to everyone, and struggling to getting the attention of anyone in-particular. Before designing any identity, Brand Manual did some research. Interviewed sailing and boating enthusiasts in Cumulus' target markets. Fishing out what it is that really motivates them when choosing a vessel. The conclusion was clear enough—instead of going for hardcore mariners Cumulus should focus on first-timers and holiday users. The boat was designed to be stable, easy to operate and adjust to different uses—just what this group was craving for. Thus the Cumulus’ offering focused on the boat's simple, safe and unique experience. With a one-of-a-kind telescopic mast and a variety of component features, the Cumulus is both a sailboat and a motorboat, suitable for fun, family usage and fishing. The core idea of the boat design—three souls in one hull—is also now reflected in its identity package. Brand Manual worked with the Cumulus team to devise a range of colour schemes for the boats, as well as print, sales and web materials. In this process they had in mind a few simple ideas, like naval flags, eccentric symbols and the colours of the Baltic. Cumulus_boat2_1920 Cumulus_CVI1_1920 Cumulus_web1_1920 Cumulus_POSTER_1920 Cumulus_TV_ad2_1920 Cumulus_Family_1920 Cumulus164_1_1920x1080 Cumulus_3Souls2_1920
Product Design, Graphic Design, Identity