Bold Tuesday

Bold Tuesday is a design company found by two young designers Kairi Kuuskor and Markus Marks who have graduated the Estonian Academy of Arts. It offers bold dreams in the form of interactive world maps and posters. The duo began to work together in 2013 when they took part in the „Men’s thing!“ competition organized by the Estonian Association of Designers. At the very last minute they decided to send in a poster called „10 mehetegu“ (10 manly deeds). The feedback was very positive, so they decided to move forward with that project. Their next product was the interactive world map „Go! World“ that in a way gives a good and clear overview of the size of people’s personal world. The company was born from the idea that life doesn’t only consist of work. „When we started to company, we both had really been overworking and we had to remind ourselves time and time again that in order to collect memories and discover the world, it makes sense to leave the work desk“ explained Kairi. And as the company’s slogan adds „Every day is the right day to start an adventure!“ List Today Bold Tuesday’s product line includes world maps, posters, some of which are with stickers but the plan is to make the product selection even wider. The newest product is the map of the Kalamaja district in Tallinn which is the first product of the Estonia series. Celebration the 100th birthday of Estonia they are planning to come out with several new maps and infographics that show Estonia in a new pespective. europe opening You can use the maps in different ways – either you mark the countries where you’ve been or visualize your dream destinations. Designers themselves are sure that it is a perfect gift because it solves the problem of finding an original and unique present. And it suits everyone because – who doesn’t like to travel! Some bonus points will go to the packaging of the product. It is very well thought through and functional. Paper Map In addition to Estonia the products of Bold Tuesday are sold in Finland, Germany, Sweden, Iceland and soon in Denmark. The biggest breakthrough came through the Internet – one little post in the Bored Panda blog brought the number of orders up to several hundreds and the maps are now wanted in the US, Japan, China, Canada and even Greenland. city
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