Estonian Design Development plan 2023 

Design is a natural part of Estonian economy and culture

Estonian Design Development Plan 2023 vision is to be globally competitive, research-based and professional, based on transdisciplinary cooperation, thus enabling innovation, i.e. creation of intelligent future products, services and systems; human-centred, able to manage complicated issues of contemporary world (complexities), and also successfully implementing the potential of developing technology, in order to achieve economic success as well as increasing social welfare, while concentrating on environmental sustainability; internationally well known and recognized, with export capability.

With skilful implementation of professional design, by 2023 Estonia will improve their wealth and social welfare, enhance competitiveness, and make the public sector better and more efficient. Estonian Design Development plan 2023 is being coordinated by Estonian Design Centre.

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In the preparation of the development plan participated: 

Estonian Association Of Designers
Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Estonian Academy of Arts
Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design
Estonian Design Institute
ADC*Estonia (Art Directors Club Estonia)
EFBA (Estonian Fashion Brands Association)
Ministry of Culture
Creative Estonia
Tallinna Creative Incubator
Tallinn University of Technology
Tartu Art School
Tartu Art College
University of Tartu Pärnu College
Avaliku Sektori Innovatsioonitiim
Designers and representatives of Estonian Design Agencies
Representatives of Estonian companies