EDC and Estonian Design Agencies are expressing support to Ukrainian refugees who are designers!

If you are a refugee Ukrainian designer, developer or other professional in creative field, please let us know!

Several Estonian Design Agencies are willing to offer a job, internship for refugee Ukrainian designers until the situation in your homeland stabilises.

In the picture: members of Estonian Design Agencies network

Since the current situation in Europe is hectic, we ask you to first contact Estonian Refugee Council:

1. If you are in Ukraine/Poland, please go to the webpage www.pagulasabi.ee/uk or call +372 56782288 for further information to see what are your options.

2. If you are somewhere else in Europe or you are already in Estonia, please go to the webpage: www.tallinn.ee/Refugee-reception-centre-in-Tallinn or call +372 600 1247 (if you call outside of Estonia) / 1247 (if you have estonian number).

After contacting Estonian Refugee Council you can fill the application form to let us know what are your professional needs!

Estonian Design Centre coordinates the network of Estonian Design Agencies that includes agencies of communication design, product design, strategic design, service design, digital design (including UX/UI, gamification, etc.), circular design. Most of the Design Agencies are located in Tallinn and couple of them in city of Tartu. 

We will do everything we possibly can to help you but itβ€˜s important that you first contact Estonian Refugee Council before contacting Estonian Design Centre. Estonian Refugee Council can give you the most important and current information about your options.

Slava Ukraini!