Application for the 2022 edition of the EIT Jumpstarter is now open!

The best 3 teams are awarded a money prize of up to 10 000 euro!

EIT Jumpstarter is an award-winning pre-accelerator programme for innovators in seven different thematic fields. The programme contributes to boosting innovation and entrepreneurship within Central-Eastern- and Southern-Europe by validating innovative solutions from idea holders.

With the contribution of the best-in-class experts, creative community, unique know-how, we aim to support idea-holders to turn their ideas into business. We help them build a viable business model around their innovative product or service idea, validate it and, if their idea is proven to be sustainable, we encourage them to register their company. The best 3 teams are awarded a money prize of up to 10 000 euro.

Who can apply?

We welcome applications from scientists, designers, engineers, architects, innovators, PhD or master’s students and all creative minds. The competition is open to individuals and teams of natural persons who are citizens of the EIT RIS eligible countries. More details about the programme and the eligibility criteria in the Terms & Conditions.

Applications are accepted until 10 April 2022!

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Ideas wanted

One of the seven thematic fields of the programme is the “New European Bauhaus” category. It is directly in line with the initiative launched by the European Commission. In this category, we are looking for innovative solutions that contribute to developing beautiful, sustainable and inclusive places, products and ways of living. 

The ideas should connect the objectives of the European Green Deal to the daily life of European citizens. In their proposals, applicants should pay particular attention to simultaneously address the three dimensions of the New European Bauhaus (NEB):

- Sustainability: e.g. addressing climate change (mitigation and adaptation), fostering circularity, reducing pollution and preserving biodiversity;
- Aesthetics: including quality of experience and style, beyond functionality;
- Inclusion: valorising diversity, securing accessibility and affordability to all.

If you are looking to bring your idea out of the lab and onto the market, don’t miss your chance, apply today!

Further information:

Faustine Felici
X-KIC RIS Project Coordinator
Phone: +36 308 51 01 46