2nd peer-learning workshop of the project DesImO

The 2nd peer-learning workshop of the project ‘Design Impact Observatory’ (DesImO) was held online on November 10th and 11th 2021

The project team members of 4 organisations (KEPA – Greece, Design Society Fond – Denmark, Cardiff Metropolitan University – United Kingdom, Estonian Design Centre – Estonia) work together to assess good practices related to methods, indicators, and data collection procedures of monitoring Design’s effects on business and to draft a framework of guidelines and tools for measuring Design and its impact on SMEs.

In the Picture: 2nd peer-learning workshop of the project DesImO

As of 1st peer-learning workshop in spring partners having identified the specific learnings to bring forward, the participants moved on to drafting a methodological framework of monitoring Design both for surveying the current situation in industry as well as for assessing the impact of a certain scheme or grant. The next stage of the project’s implementation was to be the pilot testing of the basic research tool (questionnaire) developed, on SMEs in the partner countries.

At 2nd peer-learning event partners did assess the results of the monitoring and the guidelines. Partners shared their experience on what worked well and what needs to be modified, which will lead them to refining the guidelines for an “Design Impact Observatory”. Results of piloting the questionnaires in each participating country were in great extent similar.

Based on the outputs of the previous activities, a Design Options Paper (DOP) will be delivered as the final deliverable of the project, leading the way to a monitoring system of Design.

More information: kepa.e-kepa.gr/european-programs/desimo/?lang=en