FreshEst presents: Estonian Ministry of Creative Affairs Wins International Fashion Showcase 2013!

Having used the contrast between the rigid structure of a Ministry as a façade for its living creative contents, the Ministry explored innovative ways of presenting Estonian emerging fashion through multidisciplinary means. Employing moving image, story-telling and set design, an audiovisual narrative introduces the viewer to the designers: Kadri Kruus (Leather Accessories), Kristina Viirpalu (Womenswear), Karl Annus (Wooden Spectacles) and Kristian Steinberg (Menswear).

Estonian showcase was organised by Estonian Design Centre and Estonian Embassy in London.

Quotes from the Jury:

"We were very impressed with the way in which they transformed the space; incredible how they presented a film onto a curtain of fringing. The curator really brought everyone together in a symphony. From the moment we arrived, there was a warm welcome. The varied and tight edit of talent, and the professional manner in which the designers seem to lend themselves, as well as great craftsmanship was indelible - the hand-tooled bags, awe-inspiring hand-embroidery and gauze knitted dresses, coherent menswear, the focused way in which the designers appeared to know where they wished to be sold and who their customer is; they ticked all boxes."

Mandi Lennard, Mandi's Basement

''I felt that each designer presented market-ready collections and had a clear customer in mind. This was enhanced by the sharply curated space, which showed taste and a relevant attitude.''

''The curator clearly understood the fashion audience, and transformed a space that already had a definite 'personality'.''

Tristan Webber, Royal College of Art

"They showed a solid mix of womenswear, menswear, spectacles and handbags, alongside a fashion film. They worked well on a smaller budget, and looked very coherent as a collective. The stand-out collection for me were the beautiful hand-knitted and embroidered dresses by Kristina Viirpalu. The craftsmanship of the work on display as a whole was consistently strong."

Julian Roberts, British Council


More on the Ministry Of Cultural Affairs

The Estonian Ministry of Creative Affairs is a fictitious establishment, an umbrella-narrative for a showcase of four Creative Ambassadors from Estonia. The showcase is part of International Fashion Showcase, a collaborative project launched by the British Council and British Fashion Council in 2012.

Between 15th - 19th February, 2013, the Ministry had taken over a renowned London arts venue, The Horse Hospital, transforming the space into a mythical immersive journey – a world that has its own breathing, inspired by Nordic nature and its unique aura.

Their stories are united through a fairy-tale-like fashion film, featuring designers' products as characters in a dream-like scenario. Shot with -20 C in deep Estonian winter by fashion photographer Indrek Arula, the film also has an unique soundscape composed by drawing on visual film stills, translating the pixel sequences into electronic melodies.

Concept and experience designed by Helen Sirp (CSM MA Narrative Environments).

Estonian showcase was organised by Estonian Design Centre and Estonian Embassy in London.

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