Exhibition "Design Exposed!" opening on 22 May

The exhibition focuses on design export and introduces the works of Estonian designers that have previously only been shown in Germany and the United Kingdom. It also presents the best of Hamburg design. With this exhibition, the Estonian Design Centre celebrates its fifth anniversary.

The exhibition is based on the concept of the export platform FreshEst, created by the Estonian Design Centre in 2012. The platform has been used to promote Estonian design in Berlin, Hamburg and in February 2013 also successfully in London. During London Fashion Week, the British Council organised the International Fashion Showcase featuring a display of work by Estonian designers (Kristina Viirpalu, Karl Annus, Kadri Kruus, Helen Sirp and Kristian Steinberg) which was awarded the grand prix Emerging Talent Award for 2013. For the designers, the award opened doors to the fashion markets in London and other countries.

The exhibition displays works by Kadri Kruus, Kristian Steinberg, Kristina Viirpalu, Mare Kelpman, Annike Laigo, Kärt Ojavee, Karl Annus and Kriss Soonik – many of the designs are new and have not been previously shown in Estonia. The exhibition features Kärt Ojavee's laser cut pillow collection "First views on Mars", Karl Annus's collection of seven spectacle designs in wood titled "2013". The leather designer Kadri Kruus exhibits seven bags from her latest collection "Sublime", Kriss Soonik presents her autumn/winter 2013–2014 lingerie collection. Kristina Viirpalu displays her elegant wool coat, which received a warm welcome at the London showcase. The goal of the exhibition is to display exportable works by Estonian designers that have previously been only introduced to foreign design audiences, buyers and media. In addition to designers who are successfully exporting their work, the exhibition presents work by Kriss Soonik and Kristian Steinberg who have already established themselves and are working in the United Kingdom.

Alongside Estonian designers, the show also presents works by 12 Hamburg designers who are participating in the export concept designxport hamburg, currently travelling the world to introduce German design. Many of the German designers have incorporated the principles of cradle-to-cradle and sustainable design thinking into their designs – they will be exhibiting sustainable bags and shoes, eco-friendly clothing and packaging and fair trade jewellery. The exhibition features German designers and design agencies such as BFGF Design Studios & Mutter, Glen Oliver Löw, Lothar Böhm Associates, Florian Borkenhagen, Ropelius. Marke und Design, Frank Bürmann & Jutta von Perfall, Sibilla Pavenstedt, Nine to Five, Jan Spille & Heike S. Buehler, Cocon Commerz Privatsachen, Eiga Design, Aart van Bezooyen & Paula Raché and Jürgen Kaffer & Bettina Rosenow.

Exhibition design: Kaos Architects
Graphic design: AKU

The exhibition is open:
Mon – Sat 12–18
until 1 June 2013
Design and Architecture Gallery