MI/KL is a industrial design company. We develop products drawn from the needs of the user and fulfill the wishes of our clients. We work closely together with the clients to make new products and brands happen or refreshen the existing product giving it a new quality. Every client is a big value for us and our work is always done with the most amount of dedication and thoroughness.


Product Design
Industrial Design
Design management
Environmental Design
Packaging Design


Keila Tarbijate Ühistu
Fieldman (former Sensition)


MI/KL designer Mihkel Mäll won first prize in Abloy Design Contest in 2012 with the doorhandle model No.3.
MI/KL studio won BRUNO 2016 award in "Best engineering product design" category at Estonian Design Awards with XV1 Distance measuring devices for moviemaking.
MI/KL Studio won first prize in "Kind of present I would like to have" at the Estonian Design Day 2017 contest with the blinking reflector VELKUR.