Jokoko was created by Sylvia-Johanna Annus and Anneliis Tapfer, two designers who have graduated from the product design master's programme at the Estonian Academy of Arts.

We have gained experience in the design of a wide variety of products, but our specialty is simplifying products with a complicated usage process and designing packaging that stands out thanks to its shape.


Design consultations
Product design
Design of packaging of various shapes


Starship Technologies OÜ              
Fibrotx OÜ
Radis OÜ                                  
Buxhöwden OÜ                                
Asine OÜ


Winning project at the 2015 competition for the students of the Estonian Academy of Arts. Project title: “Design solution for an adjustable kids' speedway motorcycle frame”, author Anneliis Tapfer. 2015

Special award at the 2015 idea competition, "Innovative idea for putting innovative solutions in Tallinn on a roadmap”, author Sylvia-J. Annus