ED-Festival seminar: From Designer to Designer 

ED-Festival pre-conference Seminar: From Designer to Designer by Verve Agency, Büroctratik & Velvet

Friday, June 17, 16.30-18.30
Speaker: Verve Agency, Bürocratik & Velvet
Moderator: Tanel Kärp
Target group: the design community
Ticket: FREE / pre-registration required
Location: Estonian Academy of Arts (A501, 5th floor)

Design agencies from Europe and Estonia, nominated for European Design Awards this year, will share their recently nominated projects and beyond with the design colleagues. It's all about sharing some good experiences and having good discussion!


In the Picture: Roman Stikkelorum (The Verve Agency)

We grew up as a digital agency, and we love the possibilities it gives us to work faster (and better), jump on new technologies and forge deeper relationships with users. We combine our digital-first mindset with razor-sharp strategy and outspoken design to distil your product’s energy into an unforgettable story. But we can’t do it on our own. It requires commitment from you too. You can expect to be pushed far out of your comfort zone, further than you’ve gone before. We never know where we’ll end up together, but rest assured that your success means as much to us as it does to you.

Because if we can't do our very best for you, we’ll both become irrelevant. We’re all in. Are you? Oh, and in case you're wondering, yes we used to be called Vruchtvlees.

Roman Stikkelorum is Co-Founder and Managing Director at Verve Agency. The branding agency has made their mark in the industry by turning ambitious unicorns like Miro and Flutterwave and leading organisations like Tuum and Dutch Design Week into love marks. With a solid brand story foundation, Verve builds outspoken visual identities and digital platforms that convert clients into loyal fans. Roman has a keen eye for rapid growth potential in product-led-companies and B2B organisations.


In the Picture: Adriano Esteves (Bürocratik)

Bürocratik is a leading digital studio (17th most awarded agency worldwide at the Awwwards, with 28 SOTD and 1 SOTM) specializing in Branding and Digital with strong typographical and attention to detail obsessions. Büro's work has been featured at the European Design Awards for 8 consecutive years and in 2019 was elected as the Portuguese Digital Agency of the Year, at the CCP (Clube de Criativos de Portugal).

With a small team of designers and engineers with offices in Coimbra and Porto, we consider ourselves extra lucky to be able to craft all our stuff while solving real problems. No clients were ever harmed in the making of all this. Wait… Yep, not even one, we’ve double-checked this.


In the Picture: Raik Ilves (Velvet)

Velvet is the biggest and most awarded design agency in Estonia. Velvet is a team of 32 designers, developers, architects and producers, working on projects that range from classical graphic design to interior graphics to user experience to developing services for public and private sector. 

Digital design and development team lead Raik Ilves from Velvet shares his experiece on how to create synergy and facilitate co-creation practicies in multidisciplinary design projects. He will also present one highly rewarded project from Velvet’s portfolio where the results was achieved through combining all Velvet design disciplines including service design and branding both in digital and physical environments.