2-day masterclass with Leyla Acaroglu - Strategic sustainability and circular business transformation for service and strategic designs

2-day masterclass with Leyla Acaroglu - Strategic sustainability and circular business transformation for service and strategic designs

When: Thursday, May 18 and Friday, May 19, both days from 9.30 am to 16.30 pm

Where: Estonian Design Centre office (Telliskivi 60a/7, II floor, Tallinn)

Target group: designers (especially strategic design, service design digital design)
and entrepreneurs. Masterclass requires preliminary knowledge about CE and participants have to do some reading beforehand.


Early registration (until May 7) 520 € + VAT
Late registration (after May 7 th ) - full price 650 € + VAT
Reduced price  415 € + VAT applies for Estonian Design Agencies network


For more than one participant from one company please ask for special price

*Prices include coffee breaks, lunches and exclusive free online access to the book
by Leyla Acaroglu “the Swivel to Sustainability. A Guidebook to Full Systems
Business Transformation”

(Leyla Acaroglu)

Leyla Acaroglu (PhD) - an award-winning designer, sustainability provocateur, social scientist and entrepreneur. Currently an International superstar who’s transdisciplinary expertise and practical experience with the tools for
enacting the circular economy allow her to weave together design, innovation, systems thinking, social sciences, environmental sciences, life cycle thinking, sustainability, cognitive sciences and change activation in a highly engaging, informative and digestible way. Leyla is a sought-after facilitator, keynote speaker and excellent instructor. She´s a mainstage TED speaker, LinkedIn Changemaker and was named UNEP Champion of the Earth in 2016 for her work in advancing science and innovation for sustainability. She is the founder of the UnSchool of Disruptive Design, Disrupt Design method, the CO Project Farm and Swivel Skills, an enterprise-level green
skills development platform. Leyla creates educational experiences, toolkits, and social enterprises that help
design a sustainable, circular and regenerative future.

This Masterclass will equip the Estonian design and business community to be at the forefront of sustainability services and circular economy strategy. It is highly interactive and tailored to participant's needs based on their business and design discipline. Participants will be working with real-world case studies or their
own projects to apply the tools in real time

The program will cover:
- Industry leadership approaches to adapting circularity and circular business strategies
- Techniques for servicing the transformation to sustainability, especially in responding to the new EU legislation that requires companies to respond to corporate sustainability reporting standards
- Supporting practical tools to enable service, digital and strategic designers to respond to the opportunity that the circular and sustainable transformation is presenting
- Learn about the business case, the application to design and the strategic offerings that will enable growth through the design industry
- Circular economy service blueprints
- Literacy and competency at a sophisticated level

Learning objectives:
- Snapshot of the global transformation towards sustainability being embedded in all businesses through EU legislation and global movements
- Capability to respond to the changing market towards the circular economy
- Practical design and strategic systems tools to implement sustainability at the business level
- Life cycle thinking, circular business models, impact assessment and frameworks specific to strategic and service design
- Detailed look at organizational change tools
- The opportunity for digital products and services that enable circularity and sustainability
- How to use impact assessment and modeling techniques
- Application to existing business models and the creation of new approaches