Tallinn Bicycle Week 

Tallinn Bicycle Week (est. 2011) is an urban cycling and bike culture festival that is set out to give the streets back to the people and have fun while encouraging a healthy and conscious urban lifestyle.

Tour d’ÖÖ is a critical mass ride event sprung from the first Tallinn Bicycle Week – an independent initiative for encouraging urban cycling and bike culture in Estonia’s capital Tallinn, as well as in the whole country, attracting thousands of different cyclists to celebrate the bicycle as one of the greatest thought and action inspiring mechanisms ever invented.

The visuals for the festival were inspired by the most important form on the bicycle – the circle, the wheel on which the bike rolls. A colorful & playful identity communicates the essence of the festival trough different media platforms.

Tallinn Bicycle Week

Disainibüroo: Ruum 414

Ruum 414, Graphic Design, Illustration