Mobile applications for TV and radio of ERR - Estonian Public Broadcasting

ERR - Estonian Public Broadcasting, is well known for producing and broadcasting high-quality content and programs. ERR programme is extremely diverse, with a wide range of channels and formats, addressed to very diverse target audiences. The goal of ERR and Mobi Lab's
cooperation was to update the mobile experience of public radio and television applications / services.

The first step of the design process was to rethink the user experience. Together with the client, Mobi Lab analyzed the weaknesses and strengths of the existing application and collected feedback from end users that provided the very necessary input to proceed with the next steps of the design process.

The biggest challenge was understanding the present and future of media consumption, considering all different target groups and keeping a structured information architecture. The main purpose of the visual design was to make the different channels easily distinctive for the
audience through both their visual identity and their content.

A universal design and user experience for radio and television mobile applications and stations was developed as a solution. Since the target groups are significantly different, it was decided to separate all channels and stations in order to make the experience more comfortable for the different audiences. This makes it much easier for the user to find the right channel and content.

Based on the feedback and data received so far the amount of application users has increased considerably, same as the frequency and time of the mobile usage.

Design studio: Mobi Lab
Client: Estonian Public Broadcasting

Mobi Lab, UX