From book store to entaintainment world

Back in 2009, Apollo was a chain of 7 book shops. It was a part of a group of companies, along with Filmipood video store, Videoplanet rental, Forum Cinemas, R-kiosk chain, Lehepunkt magazine retailer etc. There was no synergy or evident connection between sister companies.


Bookstore business models were becoming obsolete. The online world was changing the way people bought and used entertainment. The
service concept needed to be redesigned to be consistent and sustainable, meeting the customer's evolving expectations.

How it was achieved:

1) Interviews with stakeholders – management, staff, contractors, customers;

2) Visual prototyping and modelling of new businesses and environments;

3) Cooperation with interior designers, assortment management, business development, sales and HR units;

4) Internal communication to engage all staff;

5) Direction and supervision of the new service concept’s execution.


• Rautakirja group brands restructured — every unit started making profit:

• Besides books, Apollo is now the market leader in music, video and board game sales

• Multiplex launched in Pärnu denotes Apollo's long term strategy of moving closer to consumers

• Lean management and structure introduced

• Profits reinvested in the further development of the service concept 

Client: Apollo (Holding OÜ)


Service Design, Brand Manual