Sound-absorbing panels MOON and FeltBERRY

Sound-absorbing wall panel and space divider MOON are made from a specially designed three-dimensional felt muffle that absorbs both high and low freqency. The cover of the panel is made of natural woolen felt which with the three-dimensional structure amplifies the panel functionality even more. Panels are tested and certified in Swedish laboratory SP with the highest class „A“.Depending on the character of the room  it is easy to change the panel color, pattern and rhythm. In addition to wall panels there is the selection of suspension and base-supported double-side panels. FeltBERRY is a fun three-dimensional panel cover made of natural felt. Colored dots are attached to the panel with the Velcro and their position and pattern combination is convertible. FeltBERRY’s color scheme is rich and playful and gives the opportunity to combine different background and pattern colors. Panels are made in Estonia. Producers: Sound of Science and Tekstiil Ruumis Designer: Monika Järg MonikaJärgSOFSCI_panel FELTberry_darkgrey&lightgrey&orange&yellow S MonikaJärgSOFSCI_panel FELTberry_darkgrey&lightgrey&white&yellow3 MonikaJärgSOFSCI_panel FELTberry_darkgrey&lightgrey&white&yellow2 MonikaJärgSOFSCI_panelFELTberry_dark grey&red&orange MonikaJärgSOFSCI_panel FELTberry_darkgrey&lightgrey&white&yellow2 S MonikaJärgSOFSCI_panelMOON_detail_darkgrey MonikaJärgSOFSCI_panelMOON_detail_lightgrey2 MonikaJärgSOFSCI_panelMOON_darkgrey&red MonikaJärgSOFSCI_panelMOON_darkgrey&lightgrey MonikaJärgSOFSCI_panelMOON_detail_red Photos: Juta Kübarsepp
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