Mihkel Masso Studio

The design studio comes up with new solutions and develops existing product portfolios, and its range includes both single products and product series. 

The quality of both the content and the form of the product is important. What is also important is that the product speaks to the market participants and has a thoroughly contemplated user experience - a good product is justified in every detail and well thought out, and enjoyable for the end user.


Product design
Space design
Design strategies and consultations



Ordering a work of art to the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (EST) - 2015 - 1st award

Red Dot: Product Design 2015 (GER) 2015 - honourable mention - Huum Drop

BRUNO Estonian Design Awards (EST) 2014 - honourable mention - Huum Drop

Estonian Design Awards (EST) 2014 - audience award - Huum

Tallinn Entrepreneurship Awards (EST) 2014 - 1st award in the category of applied science works- Huum Drop

SÄSI Estonian Design Awards (EST) 2014 - nomination

Annual Awards of the Estonian Association of Interior Architects 2014 (EST) - nomination, audience award - Huum Drop